Learn How To Create Beautiful, Neat And Flawless Buttercream Cakes, So That You Can Increase Your Client Base And Charge What You Are Worth

Normal Price: 10,000 Naira
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You Shouldn't Let Clients Walk Out Of Your Door Ever Again Because You Can't Create That Perfect Buttercream Cakes


  • Your buttercream cakes are always grainy, runny in fact never neat, crumbs all over the place.
  • You have tried several times to achieve sharp edges using your buttercream Receipe yet it never works
  • You are absolutely scared of taking buttercream cake orders because you just can't decorate with buttercream so you have totally given up.
  • You craft and figure it out in your head to decorate the cake this way but it ends up coming out the other way round and you are soo disappointed in yourself.
  • You have absolutely given up and said bye bye to decorating with buttercream and now you always recommend fondant cakes only to your customers because you are absolutely frustrated.
  • You just think that you can only create exceptional buttercream cakes using only the big names like the Corrugated buttercream, Modified buttercream, Reinvented buttercream, Korean buttercream, SMBC, IMBC, etc.

Guess what? They absolutely deceived you!!!They told you a big fat lie

My Struggles And Eventual Victory With Buttercream

Amie Amaonye

My name is Amie Amaonye and I was in this same mess a while ago.....

Buttercream cakes was a huge nightmare for me, it was soo bad that when customers call me ill be praying so hard they don't opt for buttercream talk more of the modern finished flawless type I see all over social media these days. 

And guess what when they insist on making buttercream I just zero my mind to the fact that it was an ultimate disaster just waiting to happen and so most times I just decline with one excuse of time, one thing or the other, or I just tell the customer outrightly that I wasn't good at making buttercream cakes and wouldn't want to loose their patronage.

Sometimes they understood with me and sometimes they just go ahead and check the next baker.

One faithful day after l lost yet another buttercream order from a very special client I had to tell myself at this point that enough was enough.

My business at this point was already crashing down as I wasn't creating enough cakes to match my business expenses at the moment.

In April 2016, I took out time to learn the skills, tips, tricks and techniques needed to become good at buttercream and this has absolutely become a game changer and life saver for my cake business.

I have also gone ahead to master these techniques further and have since been creating amazing buttercream cakes using this special re-modelled crusting white buttercream (buttercream made from a blend of margarine and vegetable shortening).

Looking back at what I went through to become very perfect with buttercream such that you can't tell which is fondant and which is buttercream I decided to share my tips, tricks and techniques to you in my online video course titled "The Buttercream Cure" so you too can join the winning gang and start creating jaw dropping buttercream cakes . I must tell you its absolutely not rocket science one bit!

I Now Create Amazing Buttercream Cakes Like Below

Normal Price: 10,000 Naira
Get it right now for just 4,000 Naira Today


Module One:

Getting your basics right: Here we talk about the foundation, the necessary tools, the Receipe and basically all you need to cure the buttercream drama.

Module Two:

Design techniques: Here you learn how to approach buttercream cakes with several techniques like the painting technique, the fork and dot technique, writing technique and others.

Module Three:

Discovering the hidden you: Here I get you to think outside the box and discover the hidden you who will now become a very confident buttercream expert.


Bonus One: Stencilling and marbling with buttercream


Normal Price: 10,000 Naira
Get it right now for just 4,000 Naira Today

I'm sure you have some basic concerns. here are your answers. 

Are you sure I can perfectly create buttercream cakes after this online class.

Yes you sure can if you practice what you have been taught in class. In no time working with buttercream will become a work over

What type of buttercream is covered in this course?

My special remodelled crusting white buttercream (a blend of margarine, shortening and icing sugar)

How long do I have access to the course?

Access to the course is for (4 )weeks

How can I access the course?

Once payment is made you'll get an email with your login details within 2 hours which will grant you direct access to the course

Is the course downloadable?

No the course is not downloadable.

Can we ask questions pertaining other topics?

No please all questions should be kept within the scope of what is covered in class.

Is there a community of bakers where I can ask questions?

yes there's a private telegram group where we can further talk about other topics related to the class

To contact or chat with us further please call or what's app



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