Making Beautiful And Amazing Cakes Is All About Staying In Tune With Trends! Stop Making Boring Cakes And Start Earning More On Your Cakes

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  • Are you in tune with the new trends?
  • Do you seek to create stunning designs using the latest trends?
  • Do you find it difficult working with new trends?

Do You Want To Learn How To Create Really Amazing Cakes Like These

Normal Price: $40
Get it right now for just $18 Today

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There's nothing as painful as spending crazy hours in trying a technique and never getting it right.

Even more painful is rejecting an order or trying to convince your client to do another design just because you don't know how to go about that technique and at the end of the day you get to loose that same client because they saw another baker who could give them their dream cake.

Put an end to loosing your customer to another baker with this

Amie Amaonye

Dear Friend

I'm elated to have you here with me where we will be learning together to create amazingly beautiful cakes that will take your cakes from simple to amazing.

Now lets talk abut about me. I have been teaching other bakers all over the world how to bake cakes, decorate them and also make money selling them.

I'm always in tune with trends and I take you through them in my several courses as the case may be.

You can call me the bakers coach but I call myself the bakers business fixer because I take a look at your business and help you fix whatever is not going right therein.

Start Making Amazing Modern Decorated Classic Cakes Now!

So you bake and decorate your cakes really beautifully with buttercream or fondant. But every time your customer asks you to adorn their cakes with wafer paper add-ons, rice paper, chocolate decorations or anything that involves boiling sugar you run away from it or you get tensed up.

In this 4 Module power packed class I bring to you the simple techniques to making these add-ons that take your cakes from simple to absolutely classic.

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Module One:

Get to be absolutely creative and expressive working with chocolate from tempering your chocolate, making chocolate balls, cakesicles, cake balls, chocolate cones, chocolate sails, chocolate fans, ice cream cones, chocolate bars and several techniques along side other techniques working with chocolate.

Module Two:

Get to learn how to be extremely versatile working with wafer paper making sails, ruffles, pleats, flowers, leaves etc and even get more creative stencilling , tempering and texturing your wafer paper. Then move along to also being amazingly creative with your tender rice paper in different design techniques and categories.


Bonus: Painting on Fondant.

Learn absolutely expressive techniques about painting on sugar and take your designs to another level absolutely painting beautiful designs on sugar.


Normal Price: $40
Get it right now for just $15 Today

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  • Its very much cheaper than loosing your customer for life
  • Its cheaper than wasting resources practicing and wasting resources.
  • Its cheaper than leaving your customer dissatisfied
  • Its cheaper than being classified as that baker who never flows and upgrades with going trends.
  • Earn 100%x more when you know how to create designs that are beautiful and flowing with the trend.
  • Even if you don't have customers who want them yet. You can make 10x your money back by making them for other bakers and selling it to them for an additional income.
  • You gain more visibility and become a household name because you know how to create these amazing modern designs.
  • Its cheaper than a beautiful hair and the impact is everlasting because its sure not going out of trend anytime soon.
  • Buy it now or pay more later. Don't forget you loose your clients to other bakers who are in tune with trends.
  • GO BIG! I'm sure have heard this saying Go Big or GoHome! There's no middle ground in this cake business. Its either your growing or your not. with this course you have what it takes to ATTACK, Find your customers and Crush your competitors

I'm sure you have some basic concerns. here are your answers. 

When will the class start?

The moment payment is made your class starts almost immediately. You will be all set up within 2 hours

How does this class work

Class is an all video very detailed well explained class.

How much does this amazing course cost?

The course costs a token discounted fee (Check the fee in your currency on the order page)

How do I pay for the course?

Please click on the box below to pay for the course and get your video course started

How long do I have access to the course?

Access to the course is for a period of 10 weeks upon registration.

Is the course downloadable?

No the course is not downloadable.

Can we ask questions pertaining other topics?

No please all questions should be kept within the scope of what is covered in class.

Is there a community of bakers where I can ask questions?

yes there's a private telegram group where we can further talk about other topics related to the class

To contact or chat with us further please call or what's app



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